Add human connection to online meetings of any size

Peer Page brings the benefits of human interaction back into a virtual setting. Give your group space to connect personally and professionally, chat, play and have a great time. 


Online meetings of groups larger than 10 people leave little space to connect one-on-one

Our solution

Peer Page takes each participant on an exciting journey, where they engage in many enjoyable and fruitful conversations, have fun while playing collaborative and competitive games, make new personal and professional connections and discover unexpected facets of the peers that they already know.

45 - 120 minutes. It is not another social network. Rather, it is a complete gamified experience with a beginning and an end.

Groups of any size.  Peer Page helps building meaningful personal connections within groups of any size - be that  10 or 1000 people.

One person - one journey. Each participant chooses a unique path through a collection of personal and professional encounters. 

How to add Peer Page networking to your event? 


You choose a time frame

Allocate 45 to 120 minutes at any convenient moment in your day’s program.


We customise Peer Page for you 

Tailored timing and custom conversation starters based on the goals of your event and the participant's background.


You share link with participants 

All they need to do is show up on time and enter the code, we take it from there. 


Participants join Peer Page

Each participant gets a unique sequence of meaningful encounters to connect, network, and play with other peers. 


Your event gets a networking boost 

In a very short time your group will interconnect on a personal and professional level, and will have great time doing it! 


What will participants do?

Choose what to talk about.

Match to a peer with similar interest.

Chat about your shared interest -or anything else!

Play (compete or cooperate) on a fun challenge.

Repeat and find your next peer!

We help you connect when collaborating and working remotely


For conference organizers and online events planners

  • Increase engagement of your attendees 

  • Bring human touch/connection to your events

  • Let your attendees randomly meet or match through interest

  • Get real time information about connections (matches, scores, high fives)

For remote teams
  • Bring people together in an informal setting 
  • Reconnect with colleagues
  • Build and strengthen relations
  • Have fun together
Image by Marvin Meyer
Image by Dylan Gillis
For a safe and fun team building experience

Provide your employees with a monthly or weekly gamified virtual space to bring your team closer together!


Personal and professional connections

In a short face-to-face communication sprint, participants can share ideas, opinions and insights, listening to multiple view-points, sharpen their understandings and broaden their horizons.

Meaningful conversations

Peers are matched with each other based on overlapping interests - but not necessarily same views, backgrounds or areas of expertise. Peers connect informally, chat and play together, grow their professional reach and get to know each other on a personal level.

Space to relax and hang out

It is not only about growing your network. A relaxed chat and a casual game feels great after an intense conference session. And besides, what better way to get to know your peers than by competing or cooperating with them in a game?

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